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Dr. Armando Luis Munguía Félix, MD

Intervention and Endovascular Radiology Specialist in Mexico City
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  • Cerro de Mayka 110 Lomas de Chapultepec, Secc II, 11000 Mexico City, Mexico

The RegenerAge® Team has 22+ Years of Combined Experience in Advanced Regenerative Medicine Solutions.

Dr. Armando Luis Munguía Félix is a highly skilled medical professional specializing in Interventional and Endovascular Radiology. He currently holds the position of Medical specialist in Diagnostic and Therapeutic Imaging at the esteemed General Hospital of Mexico. Additionally, he has earned the distinction of being a Subspecialist in Interventional Vascular Radiology and Endovascular Therapy at the same institution.

Dr. Munguía Félix is a respected founding member of the Mexican College of Interventional Radiology and Endovascular Therapy A.C. His commitment to professional development and collaboration is further exemplified by his membership in the Ibero-American Society of Intervention and the European Society of Radiologists and Cardiologist-Interventionists.

In recognition of his expertise and dedication, Dr. Munguía Félix has successfully completed a Theoretical-Practical Diploma in Pain Intervention endorsed by the AMETD, underscoring his proficiency in this specialized field. Furthermore, he has pursued a Theoretical-Practical Diploma in Pathology and Magnetic Resonance of the breast at the General Hospital of Mexico, expanding his knowledge and skills in this specific domain.

Dr. Munguía Félix’s professional achievements have been acknowledged through certifications granted by the Mexican Council of Radiology and Imaging (CMRI) and the Mexican College of Interventional Radiologists and Endovascular Therapy (CMRITE). These esteemed certifications serve as a testament to his exceptional competence and adherence to rigorous professional standards.

Notably, Dr. Munguía Félix has contributed significantly to the scientific literature with his distinguished publication titled “Tomographic findings and their histopathological correlation in sinonasal non-Hodgkin lymphoma.” This publication delves into the prevalence and characteristics of lymphomas in sinonasal cavities, offering valuable insights into their behavior and radiological manifestations. Through his research, Dr. Munguía Félix has enriched the understanding of this particular neoplasm, providing vital information for medical practitioners.

Dr. Armando Luis Munguía Félix’s notable expertise in Interventional and Endovascular Radiology, as well as his active involvement in professional societies and remarkable research contributions, exemplify his dedication to advancing medical knowledge and providing exceptional patient care. He remains a prominent figure in the field, consistently striving for excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions related to his specialized areas of practice.

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