Ok, so what I’ve noticed the first 5 weeks was heavy ringing sounds in my ears that came and went. This is a phenomenon which I’ve heard before from someone that reacted well on mesenchymal stem cells regarding his ear problems. It really felt something was happening, which I have never experienced before - after 5 weeks I have not experienced this ringing sounds anymore. I guess the cells given together with Bioquantine® have reached its momentum. So what I feel is that the head noise has definitely decreased and some of the ringings in my ears as well! Unfortunately, the heavy reactiveness to sounds in my right ear is still present, although this has also slightly decreased.

Of course, I still have the stromal cells that are slowly working and the daily Bioquantine® injections, which can definitely increase the outcome.

Overall I fully believe this is the way forward for now. From all the treatments I’ve done, which are a lot, this the one that has given me the best results. Although I still have a long way to go this is definitely a good result. I would really love to do the intrathecal application again one day as I feel this is helping me..who knows maybe this will potentially help me even further!

Kaspar N., 25 years old - Netherlands (2017)