Kaspar Noé is the Chief Executive Officer for Regenerage International (Regenerage Beauty), which is the commercial side of Regenerage. This side of the company focuses on bringing its Biotechnology (mRNA) health system services and products to consumers.

He has extensive experience across a broad spectrum of fast-paced and challenging industries, including cosmetic, health, biotechnology and music services. His primary focus at the moment lies on daily use products, like skincare, that embraces a healthier lifestyle. A positive and driven team player with a strong background in digital marketing, specializing in content marketing, paid advertising and search engine optimization. He has proven expertise in boosting e-commerce sales through a broad range of on-page and off-page methods.

Kaspar Noé is the cultural ambassador in The Netherlands, an Honorary Member of the Academy, Member of Education and Traning Board (ETB) for WAMS (The World Academy of Medical Sciences). Within the art scene, he works on his project called Electronic Art House - an initiative that represents all backgrounds in Art, Music, Film, design, and Video.