Dr. Shevchenko is the Chairman of the WAMS International Board of Biotechnology/Medical Technology, Executive Board Member of the WAMS International Medical Research Council (IMREC), Chairman of the WAMS Ukrainian Committee, Fellow of the Academy & Member of the WAMS Executive Council (WAMS Executive Board), and Academy Professor of Medicine at WAMS.

Dr. Shevchenko has an MSc degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Botany Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, he is Doctor of Medicine from the Kharkov National Medical University. In 1990, together with Prof. Sjoerd Bulstr, Dr. Shevchenko initiated the Dutch - Ukrainian Program on Orthopaedic Devices and Biomaterials in Maastricht, Netherlands.

BIOTECH - Kharkov, Ukraine - January 2000 to Present

DIRECTOR - August 2005 to Present

  • Joined the CellSonic International Team to be responsible for Ukraine and other countries of the Former Soviet Union.
  • Development of the Dutch - Ukrainian project on Orthopaedic Devices & Biomaterials together with Prof. Sjoerd Bulstra, a Head of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery of Groningen University Medical Center, Mr. Hans van den Berg and Sytenko Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine
  • Development of long-standing business cooperation between Biomet Nederland BV (Dordrecht, the Netherlands) and Biotech to create a market for hip implants and set up a local production of hip implants in Ukraine
  • Preparation of a Power Point presentation on the following items of The Hip Prosthesis Project in Ukraine:
    • history and background
    • feasibility study PSO, scope and results
    • current hip prosthesis situation and market potential in Ukraine
    • current situation and future development of the insurance sector in Ukraine
    • registration procedure in Ukraine
    • production possibilities and capabilities in Ukraine
  • Development of plan phase 1 for:
    • forging trial for Biomet DB10 stem in Ukraine
    • machining of Biomet DB10 test stems in Ukraine
    • registration and implantation of the DB10 hip joint replacement system in Ukraine
    • manufacturing the test Ti6Al4V ELI (ASTM F136) bar for Biomet
  • Development of long-standing business cooperation between Pioneer Surgical Technology BV (Driebergen, the Netherlands) and Biotech to create a market for spinal implants for Orthopaedy and Neurosurgery in Ukraine

March 2002 to August 2005

  • Project Manager of a feasibility study for the development and production of Titanium and CoCr hip prosthesis in Kharkov as a part of the project PSO96/UK/3/2 “Technical Assistance to the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Ukraine”
  • Results:
  • Development of plan phase 1 for:
    • the feasibility study was successfully completed
    • it showed the skills required to produce a near-net-shape forging of hip prosthesis in Ukraine

January 2000 to March 2002

  • Preparation of a feasibility study for the production of hip joint stems in Ukraine
  • Gathering of initial data for the development of the feasibility study investments and further agreement with Dutch partners and executors on these data
  • Exploration of possibilities available in Ukraine as to the following:
    • Titanium and Tantalum foam metals
    • bar stock medical grade pure titanium
    • forging facilities for titanium alloy hip stems
  • Selection of companies for the following activities:

    • Net-shape forging of stem; materials: Ti and CoCr
    • Machining of stem, head and cup; materials: Ti (stem) and CoCr (stem, head and cup)
    • Supply of UHWMPE
    • Machining of cup insert of UHWMPE
    • Supply of sintered, ceramic (medical grade), Zr or Al
    • Machining of ceramic cup and head
    • Coating: plasma spray coating
    • Laser marking of parts
    • Packaging suppliers of blister, seal foil (Tyvek), boxes, labels
    • Packer with blister machines and clean room
    • Gamma Sterilizer
  • Study of business aspects of establishing a production facility in Kharkov, Ukraine (optimal company structures, taxes, joint venture, import/export, marketing in the Commonwealth of Independent States)

VECTOR-TECHNO - Kharkov, Ukraine - June 1995 to December 1999


  • Development of business cooperation with Dr. Sjoerd Bulstra of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery of the University of Limburg (Maastricht, the Netherlands) and Dr. G.P.J. van Kampen of Catalyst WorldWide (Hoorn, the Netherlands) under the following projects:

    1. Joint lubrication

      • The project aims to relieve joint pain in osteoarthritis by injection of a hyaluronic acid containing solution in joint
    2. Surfactant

      • This project aims to make surfactant available for patients in the East through organizing of advanced production facilities in the East making use of the already existing equipment and expertise in the East combined with outstanding technology from the West
    3. Orthopaedic devices

      • Use of modern aircraft production facilities to develop and produce orthopaedic prostheses (hip, knee, shoulder) according to the highest standards
  • Development of a preliminary business plan for the production and import of hip implants to Ukraine, Russia and Byelorussia
  • Organization of an identification visit of PSO Program Manager Mr. Oudolf as a part of the project PSO96/UK/3/2 “Technical Assistance to the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Ukraine” to several institutions and companies in Kharkov to examine the possible feasibility study focused on setting up a company for import, production, distribution and implantation of hip prosthesis in Ukraine, Russia and Byelorussia

PENTA-M - Kharkov, Ukraine - November 1992 to May 1995

  • Investigation of the possibility to set up a program to produce hip prostheses meeting the current world standards in Kharkov (Ukraine) on the basis of the Dutch technology combining new hip prosthesis design and new fixation possibilities.


Rush Medical College - Department of Biochemistry - Chicago, USA - January 1991 August 1992


  • Investigation of the molecular biology aspects of experimentally-induced inflammatory arthritis in animal models
  • Isolation of cDNA clones encoding different segments of the core protein of mouse and human proteoglycans
  • Preparation of expression vectors for both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
  • Investigation of core protein expression in bacterial and yeast cells


Central Laboratory - Kharkov, Ukraine - December 1987 to December 1990


  • Development of the project “The evaluation of possibility to use the recombinant DNA technology for optimization of the recovery process in arthritic diseases”
  • Preparation of the research plan for postdoctoral training in the Department of Biochemistry at Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center (Chicago, USA)


Department of Orthopaedic Surgery - Maastricht, the Netherlands - October 1990 to November 1990


  • Study of a microculture system for estimation of metabolic characteristics of in vitro cultured human chondrocytes in relation to the histo-pathological grade of osteoarthritis
  • Development of proposals concerning the intention to cooperate in the field of biomaterials between the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery of the University of Limburg (Maastricht, the Netherlands) and a number of scientific centers and enterprises in Kharkov (Ukraine)


Department of Therapy - Kharkov, Ukraine - August 1984 to November 1984

  • Internship in therapy


M.D., KHARKOV STATE MEDICAL INSTITUTE, Kharkov, Ukraine - September 1978 to June 1984 - Diploma with honours



  • Participant of the Global Executive OneMBA Programme

BOTANY INSTITUTE OF THE UKRAINIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES - Laboratory of Genetic Engineering in Higher Plants - Kiev, Ukraine - November 1984 to November 1987

  • Post-graduate study
  • Thesis title: Construction of recombinant DNAs for transformation of cells in higher plants


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  • 1978 – 1984 - Scholarship of Kharkov State Medical Institute, Kharkov, Ukraine
  • 1984 – 1987 - Post-graduate study scholarship of the Botany Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Kiev, Ukraine
  • 1991 – 1992  - Research Fellowship, Department of Biochemistry, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, USA
  • 2002 - Feasibility study of development and production of Titanium and CoCr hip prosthesis in Kharkov as a part of the PSO96/UK/3/2 “Technical Assistance to the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Ukraine”
  • (PSO program is a program of the Senter (now EVD), which is an agency for international business and cooperation of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs)
  • 2007 - RSM Ukraine MBA Scholarship, RSM Erasmus University, the Netherlands