Dr. Lejla Stojanovic , graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade in 2010, since that date she became an experienced clinical physician focused on prevention and early diagnosis as part of the MediGroup staff based in Belgrade, Serbia. Passionate about sports, Dr. Stojanovic supervises multiple professional teams and the Serbian soccer team bringing her medical skills and knowledge to improve athletes performance.

Dr. Stojanovic is part of the regenerative medicine team leaders in her country.

Graduated from Military Medical Academy and Clinical Center Serbia as a surgical assistant and a clinical doctor in the department of plastic surgery and hand surgery.

- Certified as an ultrasound specialist by the Klinicki Centar Srbije (Professor. M.Perišić) since 2013.

- Postgraduate on the field of clinical Immunology and Allergology at KCS with great interest in imunoprofilling, gene sequencing, cell signaling, reproductive and steam cells biomechanism.

- Dr. Stojanovic is a known lecturer/speaker in Europe, who has published multiple articles, medical reviews and columns. Also participated in numerous media appearances including national TV, radio shows, blogs, podcasts, etc.

Another important matters and certifications about Dr. Stojanovic:

- Vice President of the Committee for secondary and tertiary health care in private practice
- ESHRE certified
- Member of Serbian Association for the Treatment of Wounds,
- Member of IUIS ( International Union of Immunological Societies )
- Member of EAACI ( European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology)
- Member of SLK/SLD Serbian Medical Chamber/Serbian Medical Association
- C.M.A.S. licensed diver and fitness oriented