Dr. Jaime Milheiro has a degree in Medicine from ICBAS, University of Porto since 1995. He specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in 2003 and then in Sports Medicine in 2004. He completed his master's thesis at the University Of Santiago de Compostela on the subject of physical exercise and lipid metabolism in the year 2010. He is currently doing his PhD in Sports Science at the Faculty of Sport of the University of Porto (FADEUP). His final thesis focuses on the subject of physical exercise and hypercortisolism.

Dr. Jaime Milheiro is a certified member of the American Academy of Antiaging and Functional Medicine since 2013. He is also responsible for the Medical Department of the professional cycling team Sporting-Tavira.

Accompanied several Olympic athletes of various modalities for the Games of London 2012 and Rio 2016, with the purpose of evaluation and improvement of the performance. He also accompanied the Olympic Committee of Portugal (COP) at the Lusophone Games in Goa in January 2014.

He is part of the ecology and health promotion commission of the Order of doctors of the northern regional section, and is responsible for the organization of talks called "scientific meetings" held monthly in that order.

He has hundreds of lectures presented on the subject of exercise physiology and ortho-physiatrics, several of them abroad (USA, Brazil, Angola, Spain), with several scientific papers published.

Currently works and directs the Exercise Clinic of Porto (CMEP), a space specialized in the prescription and personalization of the exercise, focused on improving performance and longevity, as well as on the treatment and prevention of injuries. CMEP is the only clinic in the country that has a hypoxia room available to ordinary citizens, with the aim of promoting individual performance, being an official partner of the COP. It is also registered with the FADEUP in the scope of the investigation of altitude training.

Dr. Jaime Milheiro was a Pole-Aquatic practitioner, where he won nine national championship titles, finishing his career in 2016 with the achievement of another championship, after thirty-one years in the national first division. He was an international athlete, having participated in the final phase of the European B Polo-Aquatic Championship in 2004 - the only Portuguese participation in a final phase to date.

  • Clinical Director of the Porto Exercise Clinic
  • Specialist in Sports Medicine
  • Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Board certified physician of the American Academy of Antiaging and Functional Medicine