Dr. Emilio Ramírez, the medical director at UNIMED Hospital, received his medical degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara and then specialized in emergency medicine. He is a board-certified emergency physician with more than 20 years of experience in emergency rooms. He spent 17 of those years in private medicine working as an ER physician in an American hospital in Puerto Vallarta (Amerimed) and as the chairman of emergency services at the IMSS hospital there. He has also worked in different government hospitals in Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, and San Luis Potosi.

UNIMED Hospital, which belongs to a network of strategically located hospitals and urgent-care clinics in the most visited tourist locations throughout Latin America, is located in San Miguel de Allende at salida a Celaya 3.

As an emergency physician, Ramírez is committed to ensuring that only ER doctors cover the 24/7 shifts at UNIMED, because, as they say, “in an emergency, time is life.”

Emergency medicine is necessarily one of the most comprehensive and critical medical specializations. It is the only field in which a practitioner must manage an acute crisis across all medical disciplines. To prepare for this challenge, the training and skills of an ER physician are broader and deeper than for other physicians.

Some of the most critical medical situations that his specialty covers are incidents of stroke, cardiac arrest, heart attack, GI bleeding, trauma (from a variety of sources ranging from car accidents to gunshots to head wounds), uncontrolled hypertension, diabetes-related complications, respiratory failure, coma, and shock.