Bioquark Inc. and RegenerAge SAPI de CV to Collaborate on Clinical Regenerative Healthcare

Bioquark Inc. and RegenerAge SAPI de CV will focus on translational therapeutic applications of a range of regenerative and rejuvenation based healthcare interventions, with the goal of reducing human degeneration, suffering, and death. PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA / MEXICO CITY, MEXICO (PRWEB) JULY 19, 2016 Bioquark, Inc., ( a life sciences company focused on the development…
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What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative Medicine aims for the replacement or regeneration of cells damaged tissues or organs structural and functionally who have lost their optimal biological condition. Regeneration can then occur at the cellular, tissue, organic, structural and even whole body levels but in some organisms it is limited. To achieve different technological advances, the discipline is based…
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What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells have classifications, not all cells may be considered alike. Primary embryonic stem cell is the zygote or egg counts (as well describes his term) with toti potential and the ability to reproduce and generate any type of body tissue or embryo. As the zygote develops, the cells are engaging in the production of…
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Types of Stem Cells

Application types of stem cells: The protocols developed so far are too many, but almost all are applied in the same way: In Situ (in the damaged tissue), Intravenous, intrathecal (spinal cord) and even orally. Sources of stem cells: Adipose tissue: the tissue most despised and hated by many, but with a large number of…
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